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When you can move around and are free to really enjoy life, it can be hard not to smile. But for some people, especially the elderly who have problems standing or moving for long periods of time, it can be tough to stay mobile, and not being able to accomplish certain tasks can really get you down. We have been providing mobility device equipment in the Yuma area for the past 15 years, and we're pretty good at it. In fact, we like to believe that thanks to our great products and impeccable service, we have helped countless people get out and about and enjoy life once again. 

When an accident strikes, or if you are just unable to move freely as you once did, you shouldn't have to stay cooped up in your home looking out of the window. You also shouldn't have to refuse whenever a loved one of friend invites you on a trip or vacation, due to your reduced mobility. It can be hard to find a solution, and there are so many mobility products to choose from - furthermore, the prices can put you off pretty fast. That's why we offer great products at affordable prices and even have flexible payment schemes allowing you to pay at your own pace. What's more, our mobility scooters and electric lifts are designed to brighten your life by allowing you to be truly mobile once again. 

Whether you're sick and tired of staying at home or just want to lead a normal life once more, our products will help you on your way. We're open 7 days a week (by appointment on weekends) ensuring maximum availability for our clients, and all you need to do is give us a ring. 

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